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In 1962, Randall Mercer started his apprenticeship in mold polishing at Acme Scientific. A Short time later he was hired as a polisher for Harry Louder of Mirror Lap Inc. Upon his departure Randall worked to found Pro Finish Mold Polishing, an American company with American values. In an age of technology, Randall's core principles undergird our company. He is and industry pioneer, a path finder who believes in the American worker and the American way.



 For years, we have worked with mold builders and plastic engineers to develop methods that have stood the test of time. Pro Finish Mold Polishing offers skilled technicians who provide a speedy turn around and insure a timely delivery. Quality work is our standard, when it absolutely, positively has to be done right the first time, look no further for your polishing needs. We are your first call team. 



 With 31 years' experience, Don Mercer, the son of legendary Randall Mercer began working in the Tool & Die trade straight out of High School. Don went on to obtain a degree in welding and several industry certifications which provide him a strong knowledge base to draw from. Over the course of his career, he has had the opportunity to weld, bench, and polish hundreds of molds for major manufacturers within the automotive industry. in addition to his years of experience, Don understands our customers. His attention to detail and service commitment are unsurpassed. Our customers expect excellent results with limited down time. That's exactly what Don brings to the table. Onsite, on time, built to spec, on budget. 


Polishing Supplies

Pro Finish has the custom tools for you. Your work is important. For quality polishing supplies, look no further. Competitive price points, best products, best service period.